Weaving Design Plans

Alice Starmore’s Weaving Design Collection gives the warp and weft layout instructions, sizes and yarn amount guidelines for 16 woven pieces. All the example designs were woven on a rigid heddle loom in a plain weave using Hebridean 2 or 3 Ply yarn for both warp and weft. The loom used was 25 inches with an 8 e.p.i heddle, but many of the examples shown here are narrower than the full width of the loom. Plan instructions are given in repeats so that you can easily make the designs narrower or wider, shorter or longer to suit your own requirements and the width of your own loom.

This collection is entirely digital and contains no physical content. All content is accessed online via our steek dot scot website so a computer and internet connection are essential to access and use the design plans. The design plans are viewed online and are displayed on online pages. They are not designed to be printed out. Full colour illustrations and photographs are used to illustrate each woven piece.

This collection is designed for use on a rigid heddle loom using Hebridean 2 or 3 Ply yarn, no responsibilty can be taken if other yarns are used unsuccessfuly.

This collection does not contain any video tutorials. If you are a beginner and do not know how to set up and weave using a rigid heddle loom, a beginners tutorial class for the rigid heddle loom can be purchased here.

All 16 woven designs contained in this online collection can be seen below.


Woven Design Gallery

What do I need to use these design plans?

Do I need a computer and internet access to use these design plans?

Yes, you will need a computer and internet connection, the design plans are given in an online format only.

What materials will I need to have ready at home to weave these designs?

A rigid heddle loom.
Stick shuttles.
Warping Peg and clamp.
Threading hook.

Tape Measure.

Rolls of brown paper (if your loom does not come with separating sticks).

Suitable yarn.

For Fulling:
1 Pair of household gloves.

1 bowl or basin.
1 Block of pure unscented soap (preferably olive).
Hand towels.

What yarn will I need for these designs?

Alice Starmore™ Hebridean 2 Ply pure new wool yarn has been used for all the woven pieces in this collection. No other yarns have been used for the example pieces and no responsibilty can be taken if other yarns are used unsuccessfuly. Please note that highly processed yarns, superwash yarns, worsted yarns and any yarns containing fibre other than pure new wool will not full successfully. Some woollen spun yarns may full but the results can be coarse and unpleasant to the touch and there is no guarantee that the correct sizes, shapes and effects can be achieved. Not all yarns are suitable for weaving. All yarns behave differently when woven and will give different results and final effects.

Woven design by Alice Starmore in Hebridean 2 Ply

Purchase Information

The Weaving Design Plans are given in a digital only format containing written instructions, diagrams, imagery and online learning support. If you buy the weaving design plans an account will be created for you on our steek dot scot website and you will be able to access the plans online. You can only use these plans if you have a computer and internet access.

Customers have a statutory right to cancel an order up to 14 calendar days after ordering, provided the online content has not been accessed via account login. Once the content is accessed the return period is automatically waived. You can find our Terms & Conditions here.

Woven design by Alice Starmore in Hebridean 2 Ply